High energy and unique observations of everyday life are just two things Orange County, CA comedian Tom Riehl has been catching people’s eye with throughout his comedy career. His odd, yet honest way of looking at life has made him a favorite among comedy club audiences throughout the U.S. An unassuming look, coupled with a hard-hitting delivery allows Tom to talk about many off beat subjects that most people only think about.

Tom grew up in a small rural town in eastern Pennsylvania aptly named, Easton. By all accounts, he never should have been a stand-up comic. His parents never divorced; there was no drug or alcohol abuse, no eating disorders and no therapy. As a matter of fact, life was great. At nineteen Tom moved to the West Coast to pursue a music career and a girl named Ellen. Neither worked out. After working many years in the corporate world, Tom decided to pursue a dream he had since his early teens. Making people laugh. He enrolled in a number of comedy workshops which eventually led to open mic nights throughout Orange County and Los Angeles.

After only six months of performing stand up, Tom began producing and emceeing comedy shows at a large hotel chain in southern California.  During that time, he continued performing in clubs, hotels, and colleges which eventually led to an audition on ABC’s America’s Funniest People. His creation of Subservient Suzie, America’s first politically incorrect talking doll, landed him a spot on the show and a $3,000 prize.

Soon after that Tom began producing and hosting the outrageous, off-the-wall, cable cooking show Food Rules, which is still seen throughout the U.S. and many online sites.  By combining a love of cooking with an amusing way of looking at food, Tom created an exciting alternative to watching an over saturated market of mediocre cooking shows. During that time he was selected to be part of the Food Network’s special presentation entitled “Funniest Food TV” which included over a dozen clips of his hilarious show.

Tom has worked with a variety of performers including comedians Bob Saget, Paula Poundstone, Alonzo Bodden, Shawn Wayans, and James P. Connolly as well as musical acts Berlin, Three Dog Night and David Pack of Ambrosia.  For many years he toured with the Laff Pack, five long time friends who had been doing stand-up comedy for over twenty years. He has been a finalist in “Orange County’s Funniest Person Contest” numerous times and recently won “Best Clean Comic” in the Eagle Rock Comedy Festival in Los Angeles.

Currently Tom produces a monthly comedy show in southern California as well as teaches a stand-up comedy workshop called Students of Stand-up.  He has also launched a cooking site, Riehl Food, which is currently producing half hour cooking shows.




FOOD RULES - Originating from Los Angeles, CA, FOOD RULES is an outrageously funny, off-the-wall cooking show that takes the old, tired format of cooking shows and turns it inside out. Each week the show takes TV viewers on an unforgettable journey through Tom's kitchen as he prepares and cooks a variety of familiar and not so familiar recipes with the greatest of unease. Unlike cooking shows of the past and present, FOOD RULES allow their viewers to witness and relate to the real-life perils of trying to prepare an actual recipe from start to finish. The show offers simplicity to cooking that no other show has yet to achieve.
Food Rules website


DOWN AND DIRTY - A radio talk show that combines expert advice on relationships, sexual titillating subject matter and lots of humor.
Down and Dirty Website


THE LAFF PACK - Their love of stand-up comedy has kept them working in the business for many years, their dedication to it brought them together as The Laff Pack. Four distinct personalities (Vince Harper, Julie Kidd and Cindy Burns) and styles of comedy with one common goal...to have fun! A unique blend of stand-up comedy, music, dance and video production, The Laff Pack is much more than just a stand-up comedy show. 


















"Wow - what a show you put on for the firefighters last night. You put so much into the show and I really wanted you to know how much we all appreciate everything you did to make the show happen."

- Myrna Doyle
Orange County Fire Authority

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"We had never done anything like this before.  We'd love to see it incorporated every year."

- Nancy Franks
Executive Director
Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"Thanks again Tom. The evening was a huge success. Everyone had a great time . . . Thank you!"

-Lisa Stefani
Director of Operations

Tom Riehl & Dugan